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Crime Reduction

The Crime Reduction Unit is a beneficial resource for both the community and the Police Department. Presentations, business surveys, building plan reviews, neighborhood and business watch programs, Operation ID, and child safety issues are just some of the established programs the Crime Reduction unit provides. Crime Reduction also works with Victim Services and Community Liaison Officers.

Internships and Volunteers
    • Gain practical experience
    • Get insider knowledge of the workings of municipal law enforcement
    • Network with police professionals
    • Build quality experience on your resume
    • Discover career possibilities in sworn and civilian law  enforcement    

                                 Intern learns to shoot

    Interns-The Glendale Police Department Evidence and Crime Scene Section now participates in the Internship Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Individuals volunteer their time to assist in the Property and Evidence Room.

    The Internship Program provides hands-on experience in several areas of the evidence and crime scene processing. The students learn how to maintain the integrity of evidence and properly package evidence and the statute of limitations for storing evidence depending on the crime committed.

    There have also been opportunities for assisting in the processing of crime scenes. This involves taking notes on observations, learning how to properly photograph a crime scene, sketch a scene, dust and lift latent fingerprints, cast shoe and tire impressions, and collect evidence. The interns may also have the opportunity to assist in the Crime Lab to process various types of evidence for latent fingerprints.

    Police aide internships are often available as well. For more information, contact Lt. Jamie Dillon at 303-639-4315.

    Volunteers-Victim advocate volunteers are also utilized at the Glendale Police Department. Volunteers are trained in a classroom setting, consisting of approximately 50 classroom hours of crisis intervention. Volunteers then take “call-outs” on weekends and various evening or overnight hours whenever there is a victim of violent crime. These trained advocates accompany police officers to interviews, hospitals, or crime scenes to support victims and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect.

    For more Victim Advocate Volunteer information, contact Debbie Teti at 303-639-4326.

    Background checks and polygraphs are done on potential interns or volunteers prior to being accepted.

    Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems

    Self DefenseRape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems was founded in 1989 by Larry Nadeau to address and combat the growing issue of violence against women. Nadeau set out to develop a system of programming and instruction that would, ”Teach women the options of self defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked.”

    Since its modest beginning in 1989, RAD Systems has developed into a system that takes a holistic approach to opposing violence within our society. It is the organization’s belief that we can revolutionize our violent culture through education and opposing societal violence at every level.

    RAD Systems has grown into a network of over 6,000 instructors, teaching over 2,500 programs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

    Because RAD Systems teaches from an established, accredited program, it also offers
    the support of an international network of instructors. All RAD Systems Program instructors complete a rigorous training program and are certified upon successful completion. All of the RAD Programs teach techniques that are easy to learn, retain, and use under stress in threatening situations.

    RAD Programs are designed around a person’s natural desire to protect themselves from harm. Also, the techniques taught in the class are designed so anyone at any age or physical ability can be successful.

    Finally, all RAD participants who complete any of the RAD programs are entitled to take any, or all, portions of the class they completed for free for the rest of their lives at any RAD program worldwide.

    Please contact Sergeant Don Vigil or Community Liaison Officer Korbie Perkins for more information about classes.

    Sex Offender Registry

    Colorado Revised Statute 16-22-108 requires that persons convicted of a sexual offense or sexually related crime register with a law enforcement agency. Colorado Revised Statute 16-22-108(6) mandates that the person who is subject to the mandatory sex offender registration provision shall bear the cost associated with processing that registration.

    The following fees will be required from the person registering as a sex offender:
    • Initial registration fee $75.00
    • Quarterly registration fee $25.00
    • Annual Registration fee $25.00


    The Glendale Police Department believes the monitoring of sex offenders is a high priority. Random address verifications are conducted on all sex offenders.

    Sex Offenders needing to register must call Community Liaison Officer Perkins at 303- 639-4324 to set up an appointment.