The City of Glendale utilities functions include:

  • Portable distribution
  • Water resources and management
  • Wastewater collection
  • Stormwater collection and conveyance
  • Water quality protection and enhancement
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Infrastructure planning

Utility Billing

The City of Glendale bills on a bi-monthly basis – January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Bills are payable within 30 days of billing. If not paid on time, 20% or $20.00 is added to the bill. If the bill is not paid thereafter, the customer is subject to disconnection of utilities. A $25.00 Reinstatement Charge will be required.

The customer or a title company is required to call to order a final. This procedure is used for closing on your property and to collect any outstanding debt.

The following information is required: 

1) Date of final
2) Name and address where you would like the final bill mailed
3) Escrow number
4) Name of the new owner, billing address, and phone number

Contact Barbara Villagomez at 303-759-1513 regarding utility billing.