Victim Responsibilities

Colorado Law

Victims must keep the appropriate criminal justice authorities informed of the name, address, and phone number of the person who should be provided information, and any changes in that information.

In addition, the victim should provide a written request if the victim wants to be notified of information regarding the post-sentence process. Victims must also request to be informed of the offender's filing of a petition to cease sex offender registration. Cold cases (unsolved cases), for which the statute of limitations is longer than three years, also require the victim to "opt in" to notification.

Forms can be obtained from:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are contacted by anyone who works on behalf of the Defendant's legal team, it is your right to be informed of that person's name and the fact that they are working for the Defendant. It is your choice whether or not to speak with a representative of the Defendant's legal team. Many people are receiving calls stating that they are "advocates" who work for "the state". Defense teams MUST inform victims that they are agents for the person accused of the crime!