Fire Inspections

Annual Fire Inspections: Ensuring Life Safety in Your Commercial or Institutional Property Fire Safety Inspections

Glendale City ordinance requires annual inspection of commercial and institutional properties to determine whether they are in compliance with City safety codes and to bring any violations into compliance. The Glendale fire inspectors have specialized training for fire and smoke detection systems, alarms, and more.

We know that you, as the property owner or manager, care about the level of safety in your building and on the premises. When Fire Department members visit to conduct a fire safety inspection or pre-plan, we strongly encourage you to accompany them. This mutual assistance can greatly enhance the level of life safety at your property.


How much is the fee?

The fee for your annual Fire Safety Inspection is based on your property's square footage, number of floors, and type of occupancy per City of Glendale Ordinance No. 19, Section For a schedule of fees, go to the table below.

If the inspection shows there are any violations of City ordinance, a follow-up inspection will be scheduled to confirm that the violation(s) have been corrected. A separate fee of $50 is assessed for follow-up inspections.

You will receive an invoice for the fee at least 30 days prior to the annual inspection. The Annual Fire Certificate will be issued after the fees for annual inspections, subsequent re-inspections, or other methods to establish compliance are paid.

Where do I send my payment?

Your invoice includes the mailing address for the City, or you can bring it in person to Glendale Municipal Center, 950 South Birch Street, Denver, CO 80246.

What if there is a mistake on my invoice?

Call our support staff at 303-639-4500, and we will do our best to solve the problem and issue a corrected invoice.

How is the inspection scheduled?

Based on our records for your business, you will receive a notice of your annual inspection, which will take place approximately 12 months after the previous year's inspection, or as close to that date as possible, given our inspectors' workloads. If you would like to request a specific inspection time, please contact the Glendale Fire Prevention Bureau at 303-639-4406. Otherwise, inspectors will arrive unannounced.

If you have a change in your business ownership, size of property, etc., please call and let us know.

How does a Fire Safety Inspection work?

The Fire Prevention Bureau Inspector will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure satisfactory life safety conditions on your property, examining such items as:

  • Condition of exits, operation of exit doors, exit signs, building exit discharge areas, etc.
  • Condition of interior finish
  • Emergency lighting
  • Components of fire-resistive separation
  • Maintenance of fire apparatus access roadways
  • Maintenance of fire lanes
  • Test records for fire safety systems, fire extinguishers
  • Emergency evacuation plan in place

If any conditions are found violating City ordinance or that could cause fire or endanger life or property, the Inspector will notify you and give you a copy of the safety evaluation form requesting the condition be corrected immediately. A later inspection will be scheduled to confirm the violation has been corrected. The order notice will include instructions for appealing the notice if you wish to do so, but filing an appeal does not delay enforcement.

What is my "Emergency Pre-Plan Inspection"?

Most businesses and commercial occupancies in Glendale receive an annual Emergency Pre-Plan, where crews from the local Denver Fire Department Fire Station #5 visit the facility and conduct pre-emergency planning to ensure efficient and effective response in the event of an emergency. They will call first to schedule a convenient time. This inspection is handled at a different time than your Fire Safety Inspection.

The Inspectors will observe the layout of your property and its current condition. Then, based on data compiled nationally and internationally about cause and effect, reasonable expectancy, and fire risk, they will prepare a pre-fire plan, which complements standard operating procedures by increasing the Fire Department's knowledge of your property and any specific risks.

There is no charge for Emergency Pre-Plans. However, if the firefighters notice a violation of City ordinance, they are authorized to write an order notice requesting immediate correction of the violation. They will also refer the property to the Glendale Fire Prevention Bureau for follow-up and compliance.

Fire Inspection Fees

City of Glendale Ordinance Number 19, Section

Use Type & Fee

Group R Occupancies 

(Residential apartments, condos, single/multi-family)

  • 1 to 3 floors: $100
  • 4 to 10 floors: $200
  • 11 or more floors: $300

Group A and M Occupancies 

(Assembly occupancy with 50 persons or more) 

(Mercantile – retail stores)

  • First 1,000 square feet: $40
  • Each additional 1,000 square feet: $2

Group B, F, I, and U Occupancies 

(Group B office occupancy and restaurants with 49 persons or less) 

(Group F dry cleaners, factory, auto detail)

(Group U fences, agriculture, barns)

  • 0 to 3 floors, first 1,000 square feet: $40
  • 0 to 3 floors, each additional 1,000 square feet: $2
  • 4 to 8 floors: $225
  • 9 to 15 floors: $275
  • 16 or more floors: $325


  • First re-inspection: $50 per hour (minimum one hour)
  • Additional re-inspections: $75 per hours (minimum one hour)

Mixed or other use types not listed

The Fire Marshal shall set a reasonable fee based upon the time necessary to complete the inspection: $50 per hour (minimum one hour)

Fire Bureau Contacts

Glendale Fire Prevention Bureau
601 South Elm Street
Glendale, CO 80246

Fire Marshall:
Chris Roozing, , 303-639-4516

Fire Inspector:
Josh Janish, 303-639-4406

Administrative Assistant: 
Madeline Gauthier, , 303-639-4600