Permit Application, Fees, and Inspections

Main Building Permit Application

Permit application for all project types except signs.

Building Permit Application & Instructions

Permit Fees

Permit fee summary for all building projects.

Permit Fee Summary - This is a reference tool to help bid jobs.  Actual fees may vary slightly on the approved Permit Application.

Permit Fee Calculations

Permit fees are pulled from Table 1-A and Table 1-C in the 1997 Uniform Building Code.  

Plan Review = 65% of Permit Fees.  

Use Tax = Valuation x 0.6 x 0.0375.  

Arapahoe Open Space Tax = Valuation x 0.6 x 0.0025.


All inspections must be submitted by 3:30pm the day prior to the inspection.  All inspections except for fire alarm, electrical, and low voltage, will be conducted between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm.  **Fire alarm, electrical and low voltage inspections are done on Tuesday and Thursdays ONLY.**

Inspection Line: 303-639-4605

Online Inspection Submission

After Hours Inspection

If you would like to schedule an after hours inspections please contact Madeline Gauthier in the Building Department.  We require 48 hours notice and a fee of $250.00 to be paid prior to the inspection.

  1. Madeline Gauthier

    Building Department Administrator
    Phone: 303-639-4600

Sign Permit Applications

Permanent and temporary sign applications.

Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign Permit Application 

  1. Veronica Marvin

    City Clerk
    Phone: 303-639-4708