Permit Application, Fees, and Inspections

**The City of Glendale updated building codes from the 1997 UBC to the 2018 IBC, effective on March 1, 2021. **

Main Building Permit Application

Permit application for all project types except signs.

Building Permit Application & Instructions 

Building Permit FAQ’s

**Please contact Madeline Gauthier for instructions if you need to electronically submit a large file of drawings or prints.**

Permit Fees

Permit fee summary for all building projects.

Permit Fee Summary - This is a reference tool to help bid jobs.  Actual fees may vary slightly on the approved Permit Application.

Permit Fee Calculations 

Plan Review = 65% of Permit Fees.  

Use Tax = Valuation x 0.6 x 0.0375.  

Arapahoe Open Space Tax = Valuation x 0.6 x 0.0025.

Permit and Inspection Fees - All


All inspections must be submitted by 3:30pm the day prior to the inspection.  All inspections except for fire alarm, electrical, and low voltage, will be conducted between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm.  **Fire alarm, electrical and low voltage inspections are done on Tuesday and Thursdays ONLY.**

Please have your Inspection Card on-site at all times.

Inspection Line: 303-639-4605

After Hours Inspection

If you would like to schedule an after hours inspections please contact Madeline Gauthier in the Building Department.  We require 48 hours notice and a fee of $250.00 to be paid prior to the inspection.

  1. Madeline Gauthier

    Building Department Administrator
    Phone: 303-639-4600

  2. Manuel Centeno

    Community Development Technician
    Phone: 303-639-4500

Sign Permit Applications

Permanent and temporary sign applications.

Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign Permit Application