Property & Evidence

Unclaimed Property & Found Property

The Glendale Police Department currently has many types of property which will be disposed of by the City unless the owner thereof, reclaims such property in the manner provided by law within thirty (30) days for Safekeeping property, and sixty (60) days for Found property, after the item is received into the Glendale Police Department.

Current Found Property

Items listed below are found property which need to be claimed by 60 days from the listed date,  Claimants must provide proof of ownership in forms of documentation, serial numbers, photographs, and/or detailed description of property/contents.

If any item listed below is believed to be yours, please contact the Evidence Technician to schedule an appointment. 

Date Property#Item Description
04/18/2250472Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone
06/07/2250928Misc. Electronics and iPods, iPhones, Tablets

50925Gerber Knives and Products

50933Outdoor Edge- True Utility Products
Specialized Bicycle
06/16/2251052Samsung Fold Phone

In order to claim your property, you must also bring a government issued photo identification card.


Owners wishing to retrieve their firearm(s) from the Property and Evidence Unit must contact the Evidence Technician.

A criminal background check will be performed by Colorado Bureau of Investigation prior to release for eligible firearms. All firearms are subject to lab testing regardless of reason for holding. Lab testing can range from 6 months to a year depending on case load, type and lab tests requested.

Property Held as Evidence

Property held as evidence in a case, may be returned to the owner when it is no longer needed in the investigation or court proceedings, and approved by the Glendale Police or by the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s office. 

Please contact the detective on the case or the Evidence Technician for further questions. 

Releasing property to the rightful owner is a primary objective for the Property and Evidence Unit, however property from a crime can often be held for years if the case is still being adjudicated.